Drone Kids Course

Drone Kids 101 (8+)

Legion Drones Kids 101 is a resource for youth to learn about different aspects of Drones & Unmanned Systems Technology.
Our goal is to prepare and direct our Drone Kids towards a professional goal in Unmanned Systems
acknowledges there is a digital divide around the world and invest heavily in community outreach programs.

Legion Drones supports all S.T.E.A.M. Programs


1.   History Slides - About Drones in History.
2.   FAA Guidelines - Rules Basic Main Points, EX: No-Fly Zones Why?
3.   My Drone – What is it, Props, workings, explain parts.
4.   My Controller – Care - Do’s & Don’ts
5.   Drone Flying - How Too, Fly Basic, Flight prep, let’s fly
6.   Flying Competition – Winner gets a drone.
7.   Maneuvering – Talk about flying, crashing and getting better.
8.   Battery Life – How to take care of them.
9.   Other Classes  


Drone Kids 101 is about the hands-on experience for kids, innovation and the journey. You’ll take to the skies and become an amateur mini-drone pilot. Come make friends, play imaginative games and jump in at the forefront of an emerging field. This one-of-a-kind day adventure is for anybody and everybody. No experience needed, great memories guaranteed!


A drone will be supplied for this class that can be purchased at the end.
Drone is $31.99
Goggles will be provided. Liability agreement will also need to be signed.