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Intelligent Unmanned Mission Management, Maintenance, Sales, Repair, 3D Mapping, Training, And More.

We were born in Tampa and consider ourselves FL natives. While we love what we do, we also love the community of fixers, flyers, racers, videographers, and futuristic thinkers; all while supporting our local small business market and local repair industry. We look forward to showing you how far service and repair can travel from our home base to yours.

Building a brand that is meant to be an essential part of our drone tech lives and livelihoods is hard, but we enjoy the undertaking and the challenge because we get to work with people who are bright, passionate, and committed.

Legion Drones in Tampa Bay is the 1st of is kind, an innovative consumer drone brand and even the 1st of it’s kind to the U.S. Market – a creative, professional, and all-encompassing drone company. Rethink drone sales, repair and servicing, pilot training, videography services, FPV – racing, and much more with our Legion.

Legion Drones specializes in the sourcing of superior drones for a variety of business, private, and leisurely needs. As a leading DJI and Yuneec – authorized service and repair center, we’re able to deliver the utmost quality drones with premier service and repair to back them. We have a wide-range of drones and camera equipment to choose from as well as available custom drone options, our drone engineers can redesign a drone specifically for you!

You might require drones for aerial filming, videography, surveying, school events, vacations, training or the perfect shot whatever it may be we have the drones available to suit your needs; you can even rent a drone! In this ever-growing drone industry, we stand by our motto that “We Are Legion”.


A Bit Of History  

Legion Drones is new to the market as of late 2016. However, the company is no rookie to Drone Repair in Tampa as it acquired the Drone Savers division of Device Savers. This gives Legion Drones some of the old Drone Repair Rep in Florida.

The Future

We are committed to unparalleled R&D, a philosophy for constant innovation and inquisitiveness, and a focus on transforming our own dream, supporting creative, commercial, and nonprofit applications of our services.

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Today, Legion Drones Professionals are in filmmaking, agriculture, conservation, search and rescue, energy infrastructure, and more trust Legion Drones to bring new perspectives to their work and help them accomplish feats safer, faster, and with greater efficiency than ever before.

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Ever consider the drone industry, maybe you should. Our work environment empower ingenuity which is at the heart of every great idea, every revolutionary rise that changes our world starts with the dream and foresight of capable originators. At Legion Drones, we give these originators the tools they need to bring their concepts to life.

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